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Virtual Dreaming
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Welcome to the Institute for the Development of Dream Research (IDDR), the organisation behind the revolutionary new virtual dreaming technology.

The Institute for the Development of Dream Research is a small and independent organization that operates as a hub for the licensing and further development of Virtual Dreaming, which is currently licensed out on a case-by-case basis to community organizations, while we undertake clinical trials. The only organisation currently licensed to work with the technology is the Dreamguides Community in Sydney and you can check out their online network .

Results of new research has just been published with clinical studies showing virtual dreaming assists with pain management, stress disorders and insomnia. Check out the results of theses studies in this new book, Virtual Dreaming: Clinical Studies Show Successful Results .  To view a preview of the book, click this button.  

We are working on a free non-professional version of the software to run on home PCs, which we hope to make available for download later this year. Add your email to the list on the Dreamguides site to be notified of this release.

On this site you can also find information on the History of the Institute for the Development of Dream Research, on the Technology,  and on the latest Research, plus a list of Frequently Asked Questions and some Testimonials from participants in Virtual Dreaming studies in Australia.


Home Research History Technology Testimonials FAQ

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