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On this site you can find information on the History of Institute for the Development of Dream Research, read the latest Research, check out the Technology  and find a list of Frequently Asked Questions . You can also check out the Dreamguides, a community organisation already working with the technology.

Virtual Dreaming Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from the most recent trials of the Virtual Dreaming technology in a variety of applications:

Shane Walden (Pain Management Clinical Study)
"Man, I thought I was good at what I do but you guys put me to shame. Iím a games designer, computer games that is. It's always a race to see who can have to hottest game, the best graphics, the most realistic and the newest features. And this stuff blows me out of the water. It's like the ultimate game, with photo-realistic graphics and new features every time you log on. The Pain Management Study, in which I was a participant, was 100% effective in treating my pain. How do you compete with that? Honestly, I hope someone shuts you down or the stuff turns out to be worse for you than cigarettes cause otherwise Iím gonna be out of a job. Unless youíre looking to hire a world-class games designer that is?"
Shane Walden, Senior Designer, ATT Gamesmanship

Aiden (V-Dreaming Technology Development - Initial Test Group)
Itís a hard road finding something different from what everyone else does. It all gets clichť boring after a while; sex, drugs and rockíníroll. Every other loser kid you meet is on PCP or acid, everybodyís jumped out of a plane or off a bridge, weíve ALL slept with that hot chick from the bar and dabbled on the bi side. Its been done, its over its BORING. This is different, V-Dreaming, itís your new vice, your new spice, THIS is your new fucking LSD. Itís whatever you want when you want. Itís this permanent fucking high that you never come down from. Who needs real life when youíve got that? Some people may think I'm away with the faeries, but I don't care what they think about it!"

Adrian Coddington (Clinical Trial - Insomnia)
"My lifelong bane has been insomnia. Over the course of ten years Iíd tried just about everything on the market and a few that werenít. Sleeping pills, light therapy, cyclical adjustment, exercise, even hypnosis. So at first I didnít put much faith in this virtual dream stuff. I was wrong. It wasnít so much the dreaming aspect that appealed to me, though that was pretty neat stuff, it was that gizmo they hooked me up to. One little sleep and it was off to the land of nod for me. After a while it just got easier as my body got used to a regular pattern for the first time in years. Iím down to once a month now, just as a bit of a reminder. Its brilliant, I canít stress that enough, this thing has cost me a lot over the years, not just in cash terms, but relationships, jobs, even friends. Beats sleeping pills, thatís for sure."

Dylan Myers (V-Dreaming Technology Trial-2nd Phase, Sydney 2008)

"I was always the guy who got picked on at school. The geek, the nerd, four eyes, last guy picked for the team, couldnít have taken my mom to the prom, whatever youíve got Iíve heard it before. I was the guy who got stuffed in lockers and trash cans, who got his lunch money stolen, who spent their nights home alone doing bigger kids homework in the vain hope theyíd pretend I wasnít there when they saw me in the hallway. Youíd think Iíd be bitter but the truth isÖIím not. I spent most of my life knowing there must be a better world out there. I mean, Bill Gates went through the same stuff I did and he ended up being the richest guy on the planet, so itís gotta work out in the end, right? Truth is that that better world is only in my head, but thatís still ok. Cause I can live there now. In my world I can be the good-looking guy with the big muscles and not a zit in sight. Those guys who used to shove me in lockers? Letís just say Iím a little more creative. That hot cheerleader who wouldnít give me the time of day? Her twin sisterís a lot more agreeable, if you know what I mean. ;) If Iím dreaming, so what, donít pinch me. Iíll shove you in a locker."

Adrienne Ebden
"My whole life Iíve been looking for truth on the cover of a magazine. Be this, do that, wear your hat this way, ten steps to starving yourself thinner and five ways to tell if your boyfriend is dating a loser. Yeah, I scored good on those tests. Too tall, too fat, too pale, too ugly. Too much of this and never enough that. You name it I had it. Or didnít. Just once I wanted to feel like one of those models, strutting their size nothing down the platform. To have the confidence to go up to any guy in a bar just because you can have him, or better yet to have all of them hanging off you, buying you drinks. To be the centre of attention but in a good way! And boyÖdoes it feel good."

Carl Harmer (Chronic Insomnia Study)
"I work as an assistant manager in a supermarket. Sleeping was a problem for me for the last three years. I spend my days supervising checkout girls and stock boys. Middling work for a middling wage for a middling middle aged man. Always had the plans to go overseas, see the world, never had the time or the cash or the energy. So it was never gonna happen. Turns out good old twenty-first century technology came up with an alternative. Virtual Dreaming. Like the old virtual reality we used to joke about growing up. Not only did V-Dreaming get rid of my insomnia, now I get to go see all those places I always wanted to, Paris, Vegas, Ibiza. And theyíre just like I imagined them. Haha. Sure, itís a little pricey but itís still cheaper than plane tickets. Canít wait until I can do it myself at home."

Cameron Campbell
"You wanna know what sucks? Not walking. And I mean never. I was born that way so never have and never will. And let me tell you not being able to walk is a lot worse than being left-handed in a right handed world. All these things you canít do, but thatís not the worst of it, you have to see regular people walking around, not even knowing how lucky they are. I asked a doctor, a spinal specialist, once. He said there wasnít a chance Iíd ever walk. Ever. Not a chance. I called him the other day. Told him he was wrong. Laughed at him. Cause I did it. I walked. V-Dreaming let me do it and it felt SO real and so good. Waking up was the hard part, going back to beingÖme. Sometimes I wished I hadnít, but at least now I know what Iím missing out on."


On this site you can find information on the History of Institute for the Development of Dream Research, the latest Research, the Technology  and a list of Frequently Asked Questions . You can also check out the Dreamguides, a community organisation already working with the technology.


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